Monday, September 22, 2014

Welcome Fall!

"An Autumn Day"

Pumpkins in the cornfields,
Gold among the brown,
Leaves of rust and scarlet
Trembling slowly down;
Birds that travel southward,
Lovely time to play;
Nothing is as pleasant
As an autumn day!

Author: Unknown

fall chalkboard

 fall mural

 fall trencher

 fall table 1

 fall table 2

fall candes pewter

 bittersweet jug

 fall window

leaf americana

 pumpkin fabric

 apple picking

 apple 1

 pumpkins 1

 pumpkin gourd bittersweet

 candle light pewter

 pumpkin porch

 fall bridge2

 fall tree1

 fall road

 fall church

 fall vignette


  fall candle3

 fall display

 candy corn1

 fall candle5

fall candes pewter

fall quote

Happy Fall!

Blessings, Bonnie


  1. Beautiful images! You have a way of making people feel they are along for the trip. Warm Blessings! Amy

  2. The trees sure are changing quickly! Fall in your neck of the woods sure is beautiful!! Enjoy every moment.

  3. Beautiful photos! I really want to go for a walk on that dirt road... :)

  4. I love fall! Two years ago we spent September in New England and had a fabulous time. So beautiful with the leaves turning!

  5. Beautiful post. Well, it's my favorite time and the Leaves are so vibrant
    all I do is drive down roads and sigh. Thank you God, for all the beauty.

  6. I love seeing your beautiful photos. I want to come to New England, such a pretty place.

  7. Thank you Bonnie for sharing your beautiful gift of what you see, with me. Love! ~karen

  8. BEAUTIFUL, Bonnie! <3!

  9. Isn't Maine and New England the most beautiful this fall. Lucky I had a generator we nad no powder for 4 days here in Midcoast
    Have been gathering Bittersweet and doing wondow boxes. Wonderful post.

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I love hearing from you!~Blessings, Bonnie