Wednesday, February 19, 2014

~Fun On the Farm

 It’s always fun to go on an adventure with the girls. This time I went to a friend’s farm for a girls sleepover. Of course for me it was not only fun to be at Marlo’s “Hollow Oak Farm,” in Sullivan, NH…but the beauty that surrounds the farm made for some wonderful photo ops!


I fell in love with their Scottish Highlander cows! The Highlander’s long shaggy hair and their pointy horns made them look like furry beasts lumbering around in the snowy pastures.


My friend Maria was having a good time hand feeding the cows!

maria feeding highlander

maria  feeding cow






 Bonnie at Marlo's















We had a delicious fireside dinner which included some baked ham, roasted venison & fresh baked bread prepared by Marlo's husband by candle lite. It was so good we ate the rest for brunch the next morning!


marlo dinner 2

 marlo dinner1









Maria Pumpkin Sweater


 Bonnie feeding highlander


This has been such a long winter for us all, so just escaping for a night and slowing down just a wee bit was fuel for the soul. I think back to a quote that a friend’s grandmother once said…”Moments like this add days to your life,” how true is that!


Blessings, Bonnie

Friday, February 14, 2014

Snowstorm Antics

It's been quite a winter to say the least! Last week we had 12 inches of snow and yesterday we received another 12 + inches of snow... with more coming tomorrow!

So here I am filming the beautiful snowfall and my wise guy of a son snuck out of the house and into my video! It's all we can do now is laugh because I'm officially waving the white flag! I surrender to the winter!

Happy Valentine's Day!

P.S. You might have to turn off the blog music player first at the bottom of the page if it interferes with the music in this video.

 ~Blessings Bonnie