Saturday, March 21, 2015

Welcome Spring!


welcome spring



To welcome in Spring, even though it doesn’t even feel like SPRING!, my daughter and I decided to do a little Spring craft today.

I saw some beautifully dyed eggs while scrolling through pictures of colored eggs on Pinterest this morning. They were naturally dyed using red and yellow onion skins. The eggs that were featured had a warm brown color with the imprint of some various flower petals and ferns on them. Hmm…I wasn’t sure if this would work. Sometimes, some things on Pinterest end up being a big ole fail!

So we tried it.

We took the skins of about 10 onions ( a mix of yellow & red.) and brought them them to a boil in a large pot. Then my daughter poked a hole in each egg and did that FUN job of blowing all the yoke out of each egg.

After that we wrapped each egg tightly around with some panty hose over either a sprig of fern or a hydrangea petal. Then each of them were tied off with a rubber band.  We used other flower petals but looking at the end result the hydrangeas and ferns were the best to use.

eggs natural dyed 3

eggs natural dyed 1


eggs natural dyed 2 

 They went into the pot ( on simmer )with the skins for about a 1/2 hour.

I decided to give them a little color boost by adding 2 cups of dark roast coffee.

They came out just like the ones I had seen on Pinterest!

2 thumbs up to this one!

eggs natural dyed

 Blessings, Bonnie