Thursday, January 12, 2012

~Simple Pleasures in the New Year!

Don’t you just love the simple pleasures of life?

Recently my simple pleasures included capturing the first snowfall here since October. How beautiful the trees looked all heavy laden with snow today.


I loved peering through a window to spy a frosty sunrise…


… smelling the aroma of a homey candle, ahh.


I love the simple pleasure of indulging in a sweet treat, hmmm…


…or the simple pleasure of seeing neatness &  simplicity…

DSCN2815  A snowy red & white scene is just picture perfect to me. ♥



I love folky snowmen…


…snowballs and…




I also love the simple pleasure of hugging a faithful companion…

Harley & Me 

… and sitting by a warm fire…


…or finding a really good book!

Passion For Primitives book

Speaking of good books,

I had such a pleasure last night, I was able to meet & chat with Franklin & Esther Schmidt who just recently published this wonderful  primitive decor book which is filled with their exquisite photography!

Passion For Primitives

Franklin & Esther were shooting for Country Sampler Magazine

at my friend Sue’s home for a future issue, you’ll just love Sue’s home!

It was such a pleasure to sit down with a cup of tea and chat  with this couple, they had so many interesting stories to tell and inspiring words of wisdom for me as well, I took it all in and I felt very honored sitting there listening to them.

They signed my book and…

book signing

Then I had them sign my Country Sampler!

country sampler


I went home to indulge myself in the simple pleasure of PRIMITIVES!

This book is one of those books that you just can’t stop pouring over!

My last simple pleasure is in telling you that coming some time in the next following months to a Primitive/Country Shoppe  near you will be the release of a

Primitive Days Calendar


featuring my  photography!

“Bonnie Lucente”

Primitive Days Calendar

Simple pleasures are the best!

“Keep the faith”

Blessings, Bonnie


  1. This is so exciting Bonnie, we can't wait to carry your calendar at Walker Homestead! Love, love, love your photography <3

  2. Congratulations, Bonnie!!! Don't wanna say it....but I hafta!! ~I TOLD YOU SO!!!~ YAY!!! Can't wait to get my calendar!!

    Have always loved your photography---thank you for sharing your talent with us!!

    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!!

  3. Bonnie, I just love your photographs..... you bring such pleasure to all of us

  4. That looks like a wonderful book, so great you got to spend time with them! I'm very proud of you! I will look for the calendar. You take fabulous photographs, they talk with me and tell me tales of adventure, and joy! They speak, Bonnie!

  5. Hi there!
    So excited that your wonderful photos will soon be available in a calendar! Your photos are so warm and inviting. Each one tells it's own story. Maybe someday we could see more of them in a book of your very own! Thank you for sharing!

  6. You always post the most beautiful pics! I'm so glad you have a calendar coming out -- I will be sure to look for it!!
    How nice you were able to meet the authors of that prim book, which will also be on my list of things to look for!!

  7. Bonnie
    Beautiful photos!!
    So excited for you a calendar~ way to go~ like the other's so love your photography~ Let us know when & where we can get the 2013 calendar, I know I will want one~

  8. I've been wanting that book for awhile.Love your simple pleasures.Congrats on the calender,your photography is always wonderful.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  9. Bonnie, I just found your blog and am delighted to say the least! Beautiful job. I will be following it for sure. I just ordered Passion for Primitives last night. Can't wait to get it. Your calendar will be beautiful way to go. Talk to you later and thanks for blogging!
    Cyanne (hope you remember me)

  10. I've said it before but, thanks so much for sharing your talent with the blogosphere. Just, really, beautiful. Thank you again!

  11. Beautiful photos, Bonnie!

    I'm sure your friend's home is just as beautiful as yours. Looking forward to seeing it in Country Sampler. I don't have the primitive book YET but need to get it soon. How awesome that you visited with Frank and Esther and had your book signed! Envious here! =]

    Congratulations on your calendar! That is wonderful news! I will have to look for it, I know each page will be filled with prim beauty!


I love hearing from you!~Blessings, Bonnie